The privileged situation of our city allows us to enjoy different aspects over the prolific plain. The best known is the Espolón, but we can also highlight the Paseo del Carmen, Plaza de la Magdalena and the Park of Jesus López Cobos.

An excellent viewpoint that offers a magnificent view of the Duero River and the entire valley, as well as of the Main Bridge(Puente Mayor). It is a recent construction(2008) designed by the architects Ángel Casasca and Claudio Pedredo. It serves as a union between the two most important buildings of the city: Collegiate Church of Santa Maria la Mayor and The Alcazar.

Plaza de la Magdalena
Between the Church of San Salvador and the Monastery of Santa Sofía there is a viewpoint with a spectacular view of the landscape. From this square following the street of Canto you can reach the Monastery of Sancti Spiritus and The Ermita de la Virgen del Canto (patron of the city)
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